Akshaya Patra adopts a new organic waste to biogas system

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Akshaya Patra adopts a new organic waste to biogas systemIndian NGO, Akshaya Patra has adopted a new organic waste to biogas system at its Ballari kitchen as a part of its Go Green initiative. The organization firmly believes in ensuring complete welfare of the society. It has adopted various eco-friendly initiatives and measures to safeguard earth from the fatal issue of environmental degradation. The organization highlights that with the deteriorating environmental conditions, there arises a dire need to keep a check on the environmental practices and ensure appropriate measures to combat this major concerning issue. Earth Day is a modern environmental movement which strives to eliminate the issues of environmental degradation. It is celebrated on 22nd April across the world, to increase awareness among the people regarding the plight of the environment and escalating issues of its degradation.

The Biogas system adopted by Akshaya Patra is the most effective and proven processes, which converts organic waste into energy. This Bio Gas plant processes 1,000 Kg of kitchen waste per day that includes vegetable rejects, cooked food waste, replacing LPG. On an average this technology helps the organization save around three LPG cylinders per day. Besides converting vegetable wastes and cooked food wastes and rejects into LPG it also generates large volumes of enriched organic manure through anaerobic fermentation, which can supplement or even replace chemical fertilizers.

The official spokesperson of Akshaya Patra stated that, “We have also installed a similar Biogas plant in its Vasanthapura kitchen in Bengaluru. This plant produces 1,400 kilograms of Biogas monthly that is equal to 700 kilograms of LPG. Hence approximately Rs 38,500 is saved every month towards LPG purchase. Besides reducing cost towards purchasing LPG, it also helps in eco-friendly handling of food wastages approximately 20 metric tonne every month.”


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