Haida HR brings educators closer to the Chinese dream


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Working at an exotic location like China is a dream pursued by many. Haida International Education reviews how educators can fulfill their “Chinese Dream”.

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Life in China is nothing short of a vie facile, considering the huge leaps in economy, technology and life quality. Haida HR is giving teachers around the world a chance to pursue an exciting career and live a laid-back life. Being a leader in the Chinese education industry for the last 20 years, Haida HR has created exciting lives for expats, who wish to enter China as a foreign teacher. This company is more than just a recruitment agency, as it provides necessary assistance to make the foreign teacher’s stay easy and comfortable.

This company has a simple screening process. An education institution who wishes to rope-in a foreign teacher, signs a ‘Co-operation Agreement of Teacher Dispatch’ with Haida HR. Vacancies for the need of that education institution are broadcasted. When a teacher applies, he/she is interviewed by that institution.

Following the teacher’s selection, Haida makes arrangements for the teacher’s airport pickup, health examination, insurance purchases, accommodation, and other essential needs. Online and offline training programs help foreign teachers better themselves in an alien environment. Seminars are also held to help the teachers address problems and share their insights on a variety of topics.

Coordinators will review the performance of teachers to give them an in-depth feedback. Exciting activities and excursions will be organized often by the logistic department to enrich the foreign teacher’s leisure life.

Haida HR has a number of advantages that will rush you to China. Working in a company with an international curriculum system will look great on your resume. If that’s not enough, then the totally-free TEFL course will bring you to its banks. Testimonials say that the teachers had a hard time adjusting to the Chinese dream but in the end, the effort was worth it. To know more about this company, you can visit their website.


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