Ryan International Schools’ MD named among ‘Visionaries of Education’ by Hindustan Times

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The contribution by educators in the overall growth and development of the country goes beyond explanation. Shaping young minds, preparing them for the future, and inculcating a thirst for knowledge in them – educators do it all, and much more. One such educator is Madam Grace Pinto, who was recently named among the leading “Visionaries of Education” in India by Hindustan Times.

The Managing director of Ryan International Group of Institutions, Madam Grace Pinto received the honour owing to her diligent work in the education sector. Ever since the inception of Ryan International, Madam Pinto has been the backbone of the group, putting her heart and soul into; the cause of providing value based education.

With her innate humility and spirituality, she attributes her success to Jesus Christ. “We gratefully acknowledge Jesus Christ for his grace and hand over protection and guidance over us in providing value based education. We would also like to thank our Chairman Sir, Dr AF Pinto, for his vision and the opportunity to serve the nation through the field of education,” Madam Grace Pinto stated.

Talking about the vision and mission for Ryan International Schools, Madam Pinto said, “We will continue to reach out to the children of this nation with education that is meaningful and enjoyable in the 21st century’s competitive, technology-driven, and globalized world. We will make every endeavour to make Ryan School a unique dynamic learning hub for students and the community at large.”

An educator at heart, Madam Grace Pinto’s entrepreneurial journey began in 1976 when she married Dr AF Pinto, the visionary behind the inception of Ryan International Group. She became the executing partner to his dream of providing better educational opportunities to children in India, and took up teaching at the first school they started together in Mumbai.

However, the major shift from being Mrs Pinto to Madam Grace Pinto came with its own set of challenges. The Ryan International Group MD revealed, “I learnt to sacrifice time allotted for my own children in order to nurture and educate the students at Ryan, because hard work and success involves sacrifices.”

Talking about her success mantra, Madam Grace Pinto commented, ‘While there is no checklist of things to achieve success, the willingness to learn, determination, discipline, courage to take risks, being grounded in values and family with faith and trust in God… These all have combined in order for me to realize the dream of making a worthwhile contribution in the lives of children, our future leaders.”

Always rising to the challenge and never backing out from implementing new systems and methods of learning, Madam Pinto has played the crucial role in taking the Ryan Group to the heights it has achieved. Hindustan Times has not been the first to acknowledge her hard work; she has previously been honoured with numerous accolades celebrating her due diligence and care for the future of Ryanites.

Ryan International School
Madam Grace Pinto Honoured By Hindustan Times as ” Visionaries of Education”

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