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How Pawan Ruia-led Kayakalp treatment center is ensuring physical, mental and spiritual health of people

Every business aims to make profit, even if it is a socially-motivated organization. Every company needs money to continue its mission, to pay the employees and acquire equipment. However, some of the firms believe in paying great attention towards the betterment of the society, while achieving their corporate goals to create a balance.

One such firm is Ruia Group, which has taken decent strides under the leadership of Pawan Ruia to positively impact the lives of the country residents. The firm took over Kayakalp and Research institute in 2008, now known as Paramatma Devi Ruia Kayakalp & Naturopathy and Health Resort.

The main modalities of treatment at the center include naturopathy, yoga, Ayurveda, acupressure, physiotherapy, etc. The center is 150 km north of Jaipur city, in close proximity to Shri Salasar Balaji Temple. Having started with an initial capacity of managing 50 patients in a single treatment center, Kayakalp has grown under the leadership of Pawan Ruia.

Today, the center can accommodate over 125 patients with two full-fledged treatment centers. The ailments at Kayakalp are cured with the help of various treatments, including change in diet, lifestyle, etc. The patients get to learn the art of living under a decent accommodation, free from air, water and noise pollution.

Away from the stressful and mechanical lifestyle of the cities, Kayakalp enhances physical, mental and spiritual health of the people with scientific and ancient system of medicine. It aims to raise awareness around naturopathy, while making yoga and Ayurveda system of medicine popular across the world.

Having treated thousands of patients every year, Paramatma Devi Ruia Kayakalp & Naturopathy and Health Resort has already made its presence felt in the region. Led by Pawan Ruia, it is committed to improve the services to make a difference in the coming years as well.

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