Haida HR organizes Potluck picnic for its foreign teachers

Megha Sahay

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Potluck picnic for its foreign teachersOne of the leading recruiters in China, Haida HR, is well-known for organizing exciting activities and events at its nationwide offices to help its foreign teachers adapt to the Chinese ways. The latest step was taken by the company to break the ice between the foreign educators and their Chinese colleagues was hosting a potluck picnic.

In a bid to strengthen the bond between the foreign teachers and their recruitment partner, Haida HR China organized a fun-filled potluck picnic at Lingzhi Park on 21 November 2018. The recreational activities at the picnic included parlance on Vincent van Gogh’s works.

Upon the teachers’ arrival at Lingzhi Park, they were shown three famous paintings of Van Gogh by the instructors. The latter explained the features and history of his works in the light of post-impressionism.

Post the detailed discussion about Van Gogh’s works, the teachers created their own art pieces by imitating the features of Van Gogh’s paintings. This activity not only depicted their appreciation for the popular artist’s work, but it also gave them a chance to explore their own artistic side.

After finishing their artworks, the teachers presented their creations to the Haida insokaytructors. The art activity was followed by a scrumptious potluck meal, which was relished by all foreign teachers at Haida HR.  The teachers also conversed with each other to know their colleagues better. Delighted with the activities of the day, some teachers went on to play badminton in the serene premise of Lingzhi Park.

According to Haida HR China, conducting regular activities for foreign educators helps them adjust to their new surroundings, along with aiding them to understand and appreciate life in China. The Potluck picnic was just one small gesture made by the recruitment company to help them know their colleagues better.


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