Biocon’s subsidiary Syngene develops testing technology for COVID-19

Biocon’s subsidiary Syngene claims it has manufactured better testing technology for COVID-19 pandemic. The company is likely to bring the technology to the market after due discussions with test-kit manufacturers.

Executive chairperson Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw told TOI, “Our company has been working on serological antibody testing kits.” The serologic test would help evaluate the performance of commercial antibody tests. The technology developed by Syngene is far more sensitive than N Protein and would not give false positive data. However, the company would need to partner with a kit manufacturer and transfer the technology, said Mazumdar-Shaw.

For almost all COVID-19 vaccine projects, the target is the S-protein or spike protein which facilitates the virus clutch on to lung cells. With accurate vaccination, the virus can be neutralized when enters the body. The cost is expected to be at around Rs 250. The drug has already shown positive results on a few patients and it’s a good fusion of technology and medical sector. As per the executive, this could turn out to be the potential big treatment for COVID and the company is planning to enroll many more patients for their trial.

As per Mazumdar-Shaw, even if the vaccine is made applicable by the year-end, it would not have an immediate effect. However, continuous efforts can find the answer to the pandemic.


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