Indian market marks tremendous growth for ServiceNow

As part of a global tour in India to meet over 10,000 employees in his first 100 days, Bill McDermott, CEO of ServiceNow pronounced that business in India is multiplying year on year. “We’re growing at 113% year on year in India and if we keep doubling in India every year, it will not only be a great place to build software but also an incredible market for us. A lot of the innovation will happen in India,” Said McDermott who joined the company in November 2019, after leading SAP for nine years.

ServiceNow, an American cloud computing company has its two biggest development centres headquartered in India and California. Now, it is also planning to hire a huge manpower in India.

“I have a long-standing love affair with India, it has been very good to me. We are going to build out a huge workforce here and work with the ecosystem to co-innovate and create solutions we can take to the rest of the world,” McDermott added.

Furthermore, he believes that every leader in this era realises the significance to digitalise the company and drive great customer experience because great customer experience generates customer loyalty for a particular brand.

ServiceNow has gained prominence as it partners with a number of organizations to help them with digital transformation process and is focusing on Technology, financial services, pharma, and other regulated verticals.

Across the world, more than 6,200 enterprise customers use ServiceNow to drive their digital transformation. Its revenues were reported to $3.46 billion for the year 2019.

ServiceNow is expanding at over 30% annually. Globally, it has 10,371 employees and around to a third are working in India.


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